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Faith Sutphin was born on April 9, 1960.  Faith was a beloved classmate.  She was a Pantherette and played flute in the band.  Faith passed away in March ’78, as a result of an automobile accident - just two month short of her graduation.

She is survived by: Jennifer (sister), Rick Sutphin (brother) and her parents, Ruth & Chuck Sutphin.


Jennifer wrote me the sweetest email.  Send an email to  if you have photos and I will send you Jennifer's email address.  I hope can help her:


Thank you so much (for posting this for me)! It's still hard even all these years later. When I saw the reunion posted, I couldn't help but wonder what if? If it wouldn't be too much to ask, my parents & I have always wondered/hoped some of her classmates might have some pictures of Faith? It would mean the world to us to have more pictures.  Especially since that was way back when we didn't photograph every moment!  I'd like for my daughter to see her Aunt Faith, they look so much alike! 





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